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Random Thoughts About the Past Year

It’s been nearly a year since I self-published Aislin of Arianrhod. “Learning curve” doesn’t even begin to describe it. Some of you know that Aislin was conceived and written during a time when my husband and I faced one of the biggest challenges of our marriage. He lost his job in February of 2012 in a shocking way. I needed… (more…)


I got an honorable mention in this contest!

Prologue for the Third Book in the Alainnshire Series (As Yet Unnamed)

I’ve decided to give you all the prologue from book three of the series, which has not yet been given a title. Some of you that purchased an early upload of Winter’s Child will not get the prologue,and I didn’t want you to miss out on it. June 1, 1694 Kingdom of Arianrhod “I wish Aunt Aislin were here.” Roderic… (more…)